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About foodsmart

Mission Statement 

Our message is simply this "Eat Good to Feel Good".   A well-balanced diet provides all of the energy needed to keep active throughout the day.  Nutrients are required for growth and repair, helping you to stay healthy and preventing diet-related illness.  It is now known that your brain interacts with your gut which is known as,  the gut brain Axis.  One feeds the other.   The two together provide information on how digestion, mood, health and thinking patterns are all interconnected.  That might sound a bit sciencey but it's true and what we eat and how we cook to keep them both in peak performance is now more important than ever. 


Janet Thurtell and Orli Rhodes have been neighbours and friends for over 20 years, their love of food has brought them together.  Healthy eating has always been important to them, caring for their families and friends has made them appreciate the importance of good food and nutrition. With family members having been diagnosed with Lactose intolerance and malabsorption we have adopted a healthy low FODMAP lifestyle.


foodsmart was born out of a shared passion for locally sourced seasonal ingredients.  We believe that simple, tasty, nutritious and healthy can go hand in hand.  This is what we'd love to share with you.


Orli Rhodes

Bsc(Hons) Nutrition and Dietetics (SRD)
Dip Health and Stress

Orli has over 25+ years experience improving people's diets and is passionate in helping YOU get the most out your body and your life. Orli is a registered Dietitian and experienced Consultant


Janet Thurtell

Janet has over 25 years experience in the hospitality industry travelled widely and has run her own small boutique Hotel for 17 of these.    Healthy food has always been central with a keen desire to learn more

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Not Just Any Granola

We offer a bespoke service of our low FODMAP Granola. We can customise to your taste and dietary requirements.

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foodsmart are collaborating with health professionals from various disciplines and have created a unique programme where together we will explore the importance of healthy eating.  We want to show you how to introduce changes into your diet in addition to the following really great stuff;

  • Learn how your gut functions

  • Learn how we digest food

  • How is food absorbed

  • How do we cope with intolerance and malabsorption

  • How to cope with stress and build up our immune system

  • What we need to eat for optimal health

  • Understanding food labels and ingredients 

  • How to keep active

  • Explore how to cook for your family so you have the control over your diet.

  • How does your gut interact with your brain and vice versa -  how are the two connected

  • During these courses we will be cooking and tasting wonderful healthy food to compliment the session. 

  • Teens & young adult cooking courses

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Elaine, Hampton

Normally when I eat breakfast then do Yoga I am usually  starving after.  When I had foodsmart's  Granola I felt I was fuller for longer.  

Sarah, Wimbledon

I suffer a lot from IBS and feel ill most of the time after any other Granola.  When I ate foodsmart's Matcha Granola I felt fantastic all morning long. 

Michael, Wimbledon 

I can recommend the chocolate orange Granola.  It has lovely chunks of baked orange peel and healthy organic cacao nibs. It was SO tasty and filling 

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