Be smart and let us help you to cook smart



At foodsmart we provide specialist expert advice and treatment on diet and nutrition. We offer a highly personalised service tailored to the individual’s needs and circumstances.

Our expertise covers a whole range of conditions including diabetes, food intolerances, digestive disorders and malabsorption and we can help with maintaining a balanced diet, weight management and healthy eating in general.

Going off to University and would like to learn to cook..... look no further.

We have informative interactive courses designed for teens/young adults looking to enhance their skills or start from scratch.  

Learn how to cook healthy meals on a budget and how to make a tenner stretch for a week!!  It can be done......

Impress your new University mates with your culinary skills!




Photo by Mike C. S. on Unsplash


foodsmart are collaborating with health professionals from various disciplines and have created a unique programme where together we will explore the importance of healthy eating.  We want to show you how to introduce changes into your diet in addition to the following really great stuff;

  • Learn how your gut functions

  • Learn how we digest food

  • How is food absorbed

  • How do we cope with intolerance and malabsorption

  • How to cope with stress – and build up our immune system

  • What do we need to eat for optimal health

  • Understanding food labels and ingredients 

  • How to keep active

  • Explore how to cook for your family and have complete control over your diet.

  • How does your gut interact with your brain and vice versa -  how are the two connected

  • During these courses we will be cooking and tasting wonderful healthy food to compliment the session. 

Book a session as a treat for yourself or a great gift for a friend.  Each session will be informative, relaxed and interactive.  

If you would like to know more details or wish to book please contact us on the following:-